fabmaker GmbH

fabucation: Modular pedagogical concept to promote digital learning, STEAM competencies, and creativity.

fabmaker® provides an innovative, modular programme complete with educational materials to support the use of 3D printing in schools.

The whole concept is developed to meet curricular requirements in six key areas:

Production and Presentation:
Development and construction | Improvement and integration

Problem Solving:
Solving technical problems | Using tools and resources appropriately | Self-analysis and solution seeking | The use of digital tools and media for learning, work, and issue resolution

Manufacturing Process


fabmaker GmbH

Rebenring 33, Braunschweig, Deutschland

+49 531/ 428 78 919


MGA Network

member since 01.03.2020

Membership Motivation

The fabmaker GmbH is a spin-off of the Technical University of Braunschweig and sees itself as a service provider of education in the field of additive manufacturing and for innovative learning content. For this purpose, a reliable 3D printer and an educational concept with didactic teaching and learning materials was developed. The concept accompanies the learner throughout the entire development process from the idea to the finished product. Thus, thinking processes such as evaluation and reflection are established and at the same time practical skills are taught. We are intersted in an active participation in the topic of education due to we think it is one of the biggest chanlanges to qualify people in the field of additive manufacturing and other digital technologies.

Network Contribution

Know-how in educational contents from working with the Institute of Educational Science of the TU Braunschweig