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Together with our experts we analyse your production chain. In doing so, we advise you on the economic use of additive manufacturing processes and implement these for you on request.

Additive manufacturing processes have arrived in the present and offer undreamed-of possibilities: They change production and logistics processes with disruptive speed and open up immense optimization and value creation potential for the manufacturing industry.

For many companies, however, 3D technology still represents a "black box": what are the possible fields of application, who in the company has the necessary technical and time resources to identify them? This lack of knowledge often makes it impossible for companies to identify and evaluate the considerable competitive potential of additive manufacturing processes.

DSCS Digital Supply Chain Solutions supports you at exactly this point: With the well-founded, almost 20 years of expertise of our competence team, we ensure that the potential of 3D technology is identified for your company and converted into an economic process model.

Start today into the future with your production and supply chain and convince yourself of our expertise.


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DSCS Digital Supply Chain Solutions GmbH

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Active cooperation at all levels to make visible and further push the opportunities arising from the combination of AM, logistics, product development know-how Increase the visibility of our company

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Active cooperation at the interface between additive manufacturing, supply chain management and product/process development.
Expert knowledge from all three areas through joint ventures of 3DP Supply Chain Management and product/process development experts.