Bionic Production GmbH

Additive manufacturing in german tradition

Bionic Production GmbH is established and managed by alumni researchers of Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. Based on experiences of numerous projects in industry and research Bionic Production is now taking the next step by offering a comprehensive part factory for industrial 3D-Printed parts. A main focus for bionic production is on process and quality assurance since this is considered to be the key to a successful serial production of 3D-Printed parts.

Competencies and Technologies:

• Comprehensive Know-how in Topology Optimization, Strategy and Business Development as well as the real production of additive manufacturing of high quality parts

• Independent Expert-, Product- and Market Know-how of all cost drivers in Additive Manufacturing of Metal and Polymers

• Extensive experience in various projects in Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Ships & Rail, Tooling & Logistics and Products and Services

• Consulting, training, design and development of parts and solutions, parts optimization (Parts-/Tools-Screening)

• Review and development of business models, strategy development

• Research and development towards industrial maturity

• Additive Manufacturing, Parts on Demand of tools and serial parts

Bionic Production offers 3D-Printing of parts and the development of serial-production. We deliver on time at lowest lead-times at specified quality standards.

Bionic Production GmbH

Vor dem Neuen Tore 18, Lüneburg, Deutschland

+49 4131 230 0 230


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