Assembrix Ltd.

Assembrix developed a cloud-based platform that virtualizes 3D industrial printing.

Its Virtual Manufacturing Space platform (“VMS”) enables a simpler, more efficient and secured production process by overseeing the entire additive manufacturing thread, from initial part model to the verified physical part and beyond.

VMS enables multiple in-house users or external clients to monitor, allocate and manage, in a fully automated and self-controlled process, its entire manufacturing space, whether made up of single or aggregated and distributed 3D printers, thereby optimizing the utilization of all 3D printing resources and improving the ROI.

Assembrix partners with printer manufacturers by connecting their machines to its VMS platform and providing to its customers full management and control over their operation within a networked and dynamic supply-chain


Assembrix Ltd.

Degel Re'uven Street 26, Petach Tikwa, Israel

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