Metallurgical powder for demanding AM-applications

AMR TRADING ( is the integrated export sales organization for "CMK" (

CMK, located in Stupino (100 kms south of Moscow),was established in 1940 and serves a wide variety of industries with advanced metallurgical semi-finished products, in particular forged disks, forging stock, and powder for both "HIP"- and "AM"-applications.

CMK produces metal powder for AM-applications using the so called Plasma Rotate Electrode Process (“PREP”).

CMK since many years has been successfully selling “PREP” powder for Hot Isostatic Pressing (“HIP”) applications into Russia; CMK now is exploring global markets for its metal powder in AM-applications.

CMK produces metal powder in the following grades and sizing:

  • Nickel 718 and 625 (other grades on demand): 15 – 45 µ; 45 – 105 µ; 45 – 150 µ

  • Titanium 6/4 in grades 2, 5, and 9 (other grades on demand): 15 – 45 µ; 20 – 63 µ; 45 – 105 µ; 45 – 150 µ

The advantages of manufacturing metal powder using “PREP” as opposed to the more common “Gas Atomization” process are:

  • Creating highly spherical and low-porosity powder particles with a virtual absence of “satellites”

  • Producing high-purity powder with consistent chemical composition and with a fully controlled low Oxygen level

The user of “PREP” powder when building AM-parts will notice these advantages in:

  • Excellent powder flow-ability with the implied ease of dosing the powder and stable formation of layers

  • Homogeneously printed high-density parts with superior mechanical properties and material structure

  • Shorter part printing time and higher powder recycle ratio with an inherent cost saving potential


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